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2006-07-05, 02:29 PM

I just downloaded the Hop The Pond Disc Two Gilmour show and my stats do not indicate how much I actually downloaded and uploaded, therefore my ratio is off. Please advise.....



2006-07-05, 03:51 PM
I was seeding at Bite the Apple disc 2 and it stopped recording my contribution at 2.00GB--how odd that yours also indicates 2.00GB for DN and for UP.

I stopped my connection and re-logged in to the forum. Since then I have not been able to connect. :confused:

2006-07-05, 03:55 PM
Yes, I noticed that others seeding the Hop the Pond show also had their totals stop at 2 gb. Must be a bug universal to all?

2006-07-05, 05:37 PM
Anyone else getting "capped" at 2GB?

I needed the space on my HD so I cleared the "Bite the Apple" file.
I'll move it back once I can seed again.
I tried like 6 times to reconnect before finally giving up.

TJ-is there anything else I can do?

2006-07-05, 06:12 PM
I am also seeding the Bite The Big Apple and am showing the correct upload, which is well above 2 GB. I am using Azureus. What clients are the capped folks using? Not that I have any particular reason to think that is a facotr, but you never know,


2006-07-05, 11:56 PM
Hi folks,

I also experience bug with the 2 GB stopping stats! :(

I wrote my experiences in this thread:
But it's a serious bug, so I repeat the conclusion here. So yesterday when I uploaded 2.48 GB, the tracker showed only 2.00 GB, and the statistic pane showed that my upload speed is 0 after reaching the 2 GB upload. Then yesterday I restarted uploading, and I left it again going in the whole day. And today I discovered that upload count stopped exactly at 4.00 GB, although I uploaded 6.08 GB totally at the moment. Now again it shows my speed as zero.

So the conclusion is that data is counted up to 2.00 GB correctly, and when it reaches 2 GB, the stat stops counting. That's sure.

I use uTorrent latest

2006-07-06, 12:18 AM
upload speed is 0

Me too, I forgot about that detail,
the tracker displayed me as having a upload speed of zero,
but I was throwing up 60kps, very odd.

I've been a work all day but I'm gonna try downloading the torrent file again and relogging in, as well as making sure I'm set to accept all cookies.

I do hope TJ is seeing this and I hope others may let us know if they too are experiencing similar issues.

2006-07-06, 12:32 AM

screen shot showing three users all at 2.00GB Up with speed of zero at "Bite the Big Apple DVD2"

Stranger than Fiction

2006-07-06, 10:18 PM
I've uploaded and now seeding David Gilmour Video Anthology. My client Azureus says I've been seeding for 1d09h, I've uploaded 47,60GB and at the moment my ul speed is 450kB/s. But the statistics here says I've only upploaded 2 GB and no speed....so something is definitly wrong.
And my personal stats says (3.57 GB/8.49 GB/2.38) which can't be right either. ?????