View Full Version : VCD... ok or no?

2006-10-03, 07:53 PM
is vcd sharable here or not?

Actually what I have in mind is a hybrid post, 2 broadcasts from 1968. One radio, one TV. I packaged the two and burned a few on a single audio CD (using the "CDPLUS" option) for a few friends with some new graphics (there are no graphics attached to either fileset afaik) Both are short, and together make a cool little package imo.

Good idea? bad idea? not a bad idea but not suitable for here? Someone let me know.



2006-10-03, 07:58 PM
I think it depends

When there is no alternative around why not.

When there is a DVD available then upload the dvd when possible

2006-10-03, 08:26 PM
If there's no better alternative freely available then go ahead.