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2008-09-03, 09:07 AM
Obviously, Ron and MOB, two of the main guys behind Harvested, are regulars on here, but I wonder about what became of two other (not nearly as prolific or well known) groups who also produced downloadable Floyd RoIOs of higher quality than the average available.
Those groups are Man of Leisure Music and Free Range Pigs.
I see that they both have sites, with MoLM being the less organized of the two.
However, both of these groups have produced some decent RoIOs that some would consider definitive.
Two notable examples that FRP did include Complete Concertgebouw and Broadcasting from Europa 1, while MoLM did In a Neutral Land and Handwriting on the Wall.
I am unsure if any of the folks behind them are posters on here, or even if they do more work on RoIOs, but I am curious.
If they have both more or less retired from their hobby, it seems likely that the demands of real life separated them from their avocation.
Either way, allow me to once again say thanks to not just FRP and MoLM, but also to other people who use their hard earned money, resources, and time to make available to so many of us out there who thoroughly enjoy the fruits of your labors.
This includes the likes of FOS, PotW, LPP, Moonwall (nice art!), YGBC, and Arnold_Layne.
If I missed any others who are regulars on here, my apologies.
It just should not go without mention that you folks are one of the main reasons that the Floyd fan community is chock full of some of the best people on the Net.

2008-09-13, 11:51 AM

I second that!!


Bowman, D.

2008-10-10, 12:19 AM
I missed this post!!!

Read it now...

Absolutely. 'Y' is the tracker to be part of....

Cheers one and all....

Novak :)