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2008-10-31, 01:42 AM
Before now this has only happened to me in hotel rooms when I've been traveling for work, but now that it has happened at home, I thought it might happen to others, so I'm going to explain the problem and the solution. I'm not sure WHY its happening; perhaps my ISP is playing games with me!

Issue: DNS resolution of www.yeeshkul.com fails

Symptom: Web site won't load in any browser and all µTorrent icons for active torrents turn red. You still have connections to seeders and leechers and there is bandwidth activity (Down Speed and Up Speed). Under the Trackers tab, Status shows "hostname not found". You can view other web sites as usual.

Workaround: Contact a friend who has a different ISP (internet provider).
Have them open a Command Prompt (start - run - type: cmd and click OK).
When the black screen with white text appears, have them type: ping www.yeeshkul.com
You want them to tell you the set of numbers (the site's IP address) that appears after "Reply from", for example:
In your browser type the following into the address bar (substitute the actual numbers that your friend tells you for the numbers in this example):
That should get you back into the site.
To get µTorrent updating with the tracker again, right click the items with the red icons one at a time and choose Properties.
In the General tab, replace ONLY www.yeeshkul.com with the set of numbers your friend gave you. BE SURE to leave the colon and the 2710 and everything else alone.
Click OK and the icon should change to blue (or green) almost immediately and the status will change from "hostname not found" to "working".


1) is the site's current IP address. It has changed at least once since I've been a member, so if it doesn't work, call your friend and have them do the procedure that I explained.

2) If you download a new torrent to leech from the site while browsing it by IP address, it will appear in µTorrent by site name and the icon will turn red. You will have to change the name to the IP address as I have described above to get it to start. Everything else should work fine. In fact, I'm creating this thread while browsing the site by IP address.

3) While you're browsing the site, save a new favorite, but change the name to someting like "Yeeshkul by IP address" so that you don't have to type the address manually the next time.

4) If the icons turn red again for torrents you've already done the process for, then the site's IP address has probably changed again. Contact your friend to have them do the process so that you can find out the new IP address, or try putting www.yeeshkul.com back in because DNS may be working again at this point.

5) Advanced users can simply change the DNS servers that their computer uses if they want to and avoid the process that I have described. That method, however, is beyond the scope of this post. It may have unintended consequences depending on your configuration and as such I feel that it may not be the best approach for most users. The suggestions that I have made will only affect the use of Yeeshkul in the event of DNS name resolution problems with the site.

6) Print or save a copy of these instructions so that if you can't remember how to do it when it happens...

I hope that this ends up helping someone at some point.

2008-10-31, 04:28 AM
One line answer/question:

Are you running Peer Guardian or has Y been included in any 3rd party firewall software blocked list.

If no, then ask your ISP if they've blocked this site. Ask them to do a traceroute to Y if they say no and see where the connection is lost

If these come up zilch then you can post a long-winded message.


2008-10-31, 04:57 AM
Hahaha, you know my tendencies!

Short answer:

Peer Guardian = no
Firewall = no

I can ping and tracert (17 hops) by IP, but not by fully-qualified domain name ("unable to resolve target system name").

Long-winded part:

It appears that the DNS record for Yeeshkul! has disappeared from my ISP's DNS servers and that the site itself is not actually blocked because the workaround I described does work and I have used it in hotels (and now here at home) when this occurs. By using it I am able to browse the site by IP and have µTorrent update the tracker by IP.

This is an NT4 SP6 PDC sitting directly on a wide-open DSL connection (and I've never gotten a virus or spyware on it). The issue occured sometime today.

BTW, everything is working normally on the computer on my cable modem where I use the y2000jas account (which is a different ISP).

Update: I put my DSL ISP's DNS server addresses in my cable modem computer and the site wouldn't resolve. I restored its original configuration and it went back to working normally.

Here are my provider's DNS server addresses:
DSL ISP's DNS servers: &
Cable ISP's DNS servers: &

Plug the DSL ones into your machine and you'll see what I mean.

PS: Please forgive me, not only for my characteristic long-windedness, but also for not wanting to ask my ISP if they are behind this. First of all, I don't wan't to attract that kind of attention to myself and activities. I'm sure that I am a high-bandwidth user and it shows up on their reports. My DSL provider has changed names due to being spun-off some time ago from a major telco. More recently they eliminated the availability of the three ISPs we had to choose from and have become their own self-branded (in-house) ISP. Moreover, in recent weeks, I have eliminated my self-imposed up and down rate limit of 25KBs and have been going at it full-tilt. So, basically my usage is way up and my ISP is relatively new and, I assume, inexperienced. Y is the only tracker that I use. I think they removed the site's entry from their DNS servers as an amateurish way of trying to interrupt my activities. If thats the case, I prefer, instead of calling them about it and giving them that satisfaction, to just show them that it only slowed me down for a few hours until I noticed it and worked around it. If I'm putting too much of a strain on their system, then they can contact me and ask me to tone it down a bit and I'll go back to my self-imposed caps.

2008-11-02, 02:44 PM
Personally, I am quite fond of and partial to the odd 'long-winded' post myself. I find that although the post may go on a bit, that it's mainly due to the deire by that poster to try and give as much information as possible in order to make a given activity or solution an as easy and as complete resolution as possible.

Although, as a 'Y' user, I've not suffered from this particular problem at anytime, I know that if and when it does I that there is a place to start within a post on this here most wonderful tracker. I often ask TJ for help and he always comes up with the goods one way or another.

I know you're the boss and all that TJ, but don't bully the long-winded ones. eh?? :)

By the way, TJ. I don't know if you spotted it or not, but in one of the threads here (can't remember which one) it was suggested that maybe a 'Tech Help' main thread might be a good idea. I think it was one of Pottels ideas. I though it was a goodun myself.

Maybe one of the more 'Tech Savvy' Mods (Maybe you all are??) could monitor this thread, as quite often a certain amount of mis-information is generated (I'm as guilty of this as anyone) so once a few posts have gone through this learned individual could edit this into a 'true' help forum aimed at 'Y' users in particular. Some info' added is based on what seems to be happening, but those more knowledgable can see the issue for what it really is.

There you go Y1999Jas. You ain't the only long-winded user on 'Y' after all, and thanks for the post.

(TJ. I was just poking fun. Don't go banning me now, will you!!??!! At least not until my T-Shirts arrive anyway...)

Cheers, Novak

2008-11-02, 02:49 PM
Y1999jas, have you consider switching your DNS servers address to those guys http://www.opendns.com/ ?
I am using their servers for over a year now, and I am really satisfied

2008-11-03, 06:43 AM
There have been lots of views of this thread, so thanks to the few who have replied.

I'd like to make a couple of brief points:

1) I didn't feel at all "bullied". TJ's prolly got his hands pretty full with this "hobby" of his, so I don't mind him asking for a concise answer to his questions.

2) I could have just said something like: "Y's DNS record has disappeared from my ISP's DNS servers. If this happens, obviously you can either use different DNS servers, or browse the site by IP and configure your client to connect to the tracker by IP." Short-n-sweet. Or, assuming that the solutions would be obvious to all, I could have not mentioned it at all. I was, as Novak intimated, trying to define a clear description of the problem and a workaround for the benefit of the less-technical among the members. I work in IT and have been doing contract/project work for the last thirteen years, but I'm between gigs right now due to the economy and really had nothing better to do. I'm a pretty good technical writer, so I thought I'd try to be of service to others if they encounter the same problem that I have.

3) Instead of changing DNS servers, I'm actually using the workaround I described. The reason is really quite simple. Its easy to implement, despite what's involved in explaining it clearly, and since when I download a new torrent file my client defaults to using the site's domain name, it is a way for me to keep up with the ongoing status of the issue. If I start leeching a new item and the icon turns red, then the problem still exists.

4) I like the idea of a tech forum. Or better yet, the inclusion of verified tips in a tech FAQ. Recently, from posts in other threads, I have learned that with IMGBURN I can force my brand of burner to "trick" DVD+R's in to thinking that they're DVD-ROM's so that they will play on my consumer deck and that you can clip what you want from a DVD with MPEG StreamClip. I recently borrowed a VHS to DVD dubbing deck from a family member (because I had videotaped something at the request of someone on this board) and converted some old camcorder tapes. Using these tools, together with DVDAuthorGUI, I just made my first DVD that I authored myself just two days ago. I think I also gave a tip in a thread about how one might clone a DVR drive so that you could work from it without fear of messing up the original. On the other hand, this is a Floyd site, and the mods might not want to fool with a tech forum since there're other resources available on the net.

I really didn't expect this post to end up being so verbose. I only typed what I thought was required to communicate the information that I wanted to share. Hope I'm not eating up too much bandwidth! I know it costs money. Hey, at least I bought a shirt and keep my ratios up!

2008-11-03, 02:38 PM
I didn't think he was bullying you either. I saw it as a bit of playfulness and wanted to join in. I do have an odd sense of humour at times, but I Am What I Is :)

The tech forum was just a good looking idea, but monitoring it would likely be tough work. I just thought it sounded good in principle. Making it work is a whole other issue and I know I don't have the requisite knowledge to pull it off myself. I just thought it was relevent and worth mentioning.

As far as I'm concerned, if 'Y' carries on exactly as it is without any alterations to it's methods, I for one will be very happy. There is a overall 'warm' essense here that I like and I've made a few 'vitual' friends in the process.

By the way. Cheers again for the DNS tip.

Novak :)

2008-11-03, 09:29 PM
A tech forum would be great as Beeerlover & Pottel have both made a "Help clinic" like post which I have bookmarked & been able to point quite a few members to for help,but unless comments are made regularly then they sink down the list & get forgotten when they should be at the top & would probably save the mods some time by not having to keep answering the same stuff again & again

As would a "Contact Mods" button,the message can be picked up by whichever mod comes online next,many other forums have this,it would save a lot of time going to the index page & looking to see which one is online & then send a message - on occasions by the time I finished the message the said mod has gone offline & I have to start over & address it TJ for whichever mod that comes online next to pick up

2008-11-04, 11:47 AM
Some good points there Andy.