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2008-12-02, 10:50 PM
A DVD will hold 4.7 gigabytes of data. Nero (with the right plug - ins) will burn SHN and FLAC files onto a DVD. Or, you may also save them AS data with nero onto the DVD. To make room on your hard drive, save all the files you have to numerous DVDs. Normally, 4 or 5 lossless shows can be saved onto the DVD discs. When you have burned your first DVD, label it with which shows you have burned onto the disc. When you have completed burning, re-insert the disc into your PC and make sure everything that you wanted burned is there.

Continue this for all your lossless files. When you have reached the end, and you are sure that all the DVDs you have are ok and able to transfer to your PC, delete your files from their folders, but don't empty your recycle bin. Because then you have to do a second check from your DVD discs the following day.

When you think all is well, store your discs in a CD box (just like the old LP boxes, except these ones hold about 250 CDs). To me, the multiple CD cases are a no no, because the discs may crush and this may harm the very delicate surface of a DVDR.

I hope this post is useful to someone. I have been doing this for years, and have over 1.5 terrabytes of Pink Floyd files on DVD discs. This is what I mean when I post that I have shows archived.....easily available to upload, but not hogging up space on a Hard Drive.

2008-12-02, 11:48 PM
Good call Radiowaves.

I wish I had archived the stuff I downloaded from NPF. When I 1st started downloading I never thought that some time later I would want to upload shows. I just burn't everything off onto cd, still do. Now I archive everything. Some onto dvds and some onto an external hard drive. I know they can fail sometimes but if your not one to burn everything off onto cd then you must archive it away somewhere. The last thing you want is you computer to crash and you lose everything. Dvds are the best option.

People new to downloading from this or other sites should keep it safe somewhere as you never know you might want to share it with others oneday.

2008-12-03, 04:04 AM
even dual layer DVDRs aren't as cost-effective as harddrives now. don't even talk about blu-ray, nice as the idea is still too spendy right now... meanwhile, a 1TB internal harddrive costs about $100-$120 (personally have 11 in all). using these as active archives and as a redundant backup is more convenient, secure, and cost effective. cdrs are an obsolete medium, particularly with many newer sets properly recorded and/or mastered as 24bit/48khz and higher resolution digital files.

2008-12-03, 04:14 AM
I tend to agree, but I still believe that RadioWaves is onto something by making a secondary backup to optical media.
This will provide you a backup that is impervious to magnetic disturbance or head crashes.
However, I think a nice external hard drive is an exceptional front line of defense, and I also always keep all my ROIOs/VOIOs stored as ZIP data files.
I can then burn them as DVD or CD as needed, plus I can easily make up a torrent for that rare occasion that I want to share them.

Paul T
2008-12-03, 09:53 AM
I too store all my DLs as data DVD-r for safe keeping. From all the lossless ones of the past few years right back to the crappy mp3's from when i never knew any better.

There is also a great little program i use called "filegrab" which takes the title information of the folders on a disc and stores them in a numerical way that you choose...
You put in the burned disc with, for example, six shows on it. Filegrab takes the titles of each of these folders, and you store it as disc number 001, then the next disc, and so on....

It has a search facility on it, so when i want to find my Pink Floyd recordings, it will tell me exactly what disc numbers contain Pink Floyd. You can also be more specific and search for "Hollywood bowl" and again, it will highlight the disc numbers containing these words...pretty handy when you have 600-700 discs of material...

I know there are better archiving programs out there but this one has served me well for years...

although, i do intend on hitting the HD storage as a solution in the near future and saving all this burning to disc trouble.....

2008-12-03, 12:58 PM
do cd-rs hold all info text and art? I want to make each recording on its own disk.

2008-12-03, 01:47 PM
My workaround when archieving:

After dl and sharing long enough:
-make collection of audio boots (wave/flac/shn whatever) and burn like DATA disc onto DVDR incl MD5 checksums, info and artwork files
-for DVD's: burn the dvd like dvd video standard format onto DVDR

My collection is divided in several sections:
- audio
- video
- movies
- data (no mp3, flac etc) data = programs/pictures/utilities

For each kind of section I bought a flightcase which can contain up to 510 discs each. All discs are numbered 001-510

- audio - flightcase A001 - A510
- video.... B001-B510
- ..
- ..

In Excel I keep this tracked with a small database.
First column = disc nr
2nd column = band
3rd column = title
4th column = rec date
5th column = number of discs
6th column = content

Remark: in excel you can add extra info to each cell. The celle which is CONTENT has an extra info window added which contains exact the info filewith each recording (date venue, location, used equipment, tracklisting etc).

If you are interested i could share this excelfile along with others