View Full Version : Client Auto-Bans?!!

2006-11-05, 05:04 AM
Ergh. What's with the back-versions of Azureus being banned?

I'm really pretty pissed about that. I updated to the latest version of Azureus a few months ago and had nothing but trouble so I deleted it and started again with of Azureus. I'm not wasting my time updating again only to have all the same rejections I was having before.

2006-11-05, 07:34 AM
From Toolman: "Almost all clients can be used with this tracker as you will find out.
I say almost because there is a built in client ban that rejects the following clients :

Azureus versions

BitComet versions (possibly all BitLord too)


uTorrent versions


And all Torrentstorm versions

This is due to cheating capabilities by some of those clients, while others just dont report your stats correctly to the tracker (which I know you definitely don't want!!)"
A bit more info here (http://www.yeeshkul.com/forum/showthread.php?p=11334#post11334)

I know everyone's different, but one of the few clients that does work for me here is Azureus

2006-11-05, 11:13 PM
dam, I prefer the older version of azareus myself but I guess i"m gonna have to use U torrent here. :( That sucks.

2006-11-12, 11:31 AM
Try uTorrent. You will love it! :cool: