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2009-01-03, 05:17 AM
First I would like to thank you all for this site it is so cool to have a site like this to download some very nice concert videos.

Second I need some help or instructions on how to burn these using my dvd burner so I can play these in a stand alone player.

I welcome any help and i thank you for it

2009-01-03, 01:37 PM
Firstly make sure only the dvd files are in the "Video_TS" folder , no txt,art or md5/fpf

Open your writing software & select DVD Video,usualy these have the video ts folder in the software,drop the dvd files into the folder & drop everything else outside the folder & burn

Most people use Nero (nasty program) but its popular or NTI DVD Maker (freeware vers avail) it doesn't create bad sectors unlike Nero

2009-01-03, 03:16 PM
Have a look here (http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/dvd-structure.htm) for more information.

As DVDs never have files in their root directory i advise you to put extra files like artwork (jpg), info (txt) and signature (md5) in a separate directory.
I always name that directory "ART&INFO" but any name with a maximum of 8 characters will do.

By the way i use Nero 7 and never have experienced problems, except when using crappy media.

Shine on, Dolf.

2009-01-03, 08:26 PM
Also, I would strongly advise that you have your burning software set the booktype of the burned DVD to type "DVD-ROM."
Also, it pays to use quality media for your blanks.
That means using either Taiyo-Yuden or Mitsubishi manufactured media, which may not be so labeled, as there are scores of brands that use blanks from all manner of different manufacturers.
With T-Y, if you find blanks that are made in Japan, that is what you want.
Verbatim is the usual brand name used by Mitsubishi, but you will want to check by reading the label, which should mention something about Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.
T-Y blanks are generally considered the finest for both CD-R and DVD+/-R, predicted to last over a century.