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2006-11-10, 02:36 PM
Some of the older memebers here may remember last year when Preclipse did some 'monthly' torrents for 1970--basically posted an entire month at a time.
And I thank him for it, becuase it greatly helped out my collecting.
Anyhow, I've been thinking about trying to do the same thing with some other years. My collection may not be quite as complete as his 1970 was, but it is pretty sizeable at a bit over 200gb for just 65-77 audio.

I gues bassically, I'm wanting to find out if there is an interest for this idea?

Last time, it was mostly well recieved, but some complaints too, becuase users didnt want to download the whole torrent (and I gues they didnt know how to selectively download the shows they wanted).
But without flooding yeeshkul with hundreds of .torrents , seeding a month at a time (or roughly 5-10gb at once) seems to be the only way to spread massive amounts at once.

So, if there is even just a little bit of interest, I'll begin Sunday & post another bundle each Sunday [starting with with the oldest, progressing through 77, skipping 1970 untill last] ... the way I see it This could not only save users the time it took me to find all I have found, but hopefully some users will step in and post ones I miss and maybe, just maybe together we can loosen the shares of some hoarding user to produce some less commonly circulating recordings. Ideas, comments, suggestions?

2006-11-10, 06:36 PM
great idea downloaders can always choose which files to d/load ie the ones for that year they dont have. i would call that a beerlover masterplan

2006-11-11, 12:21 AM
Beer is love, love is beer!
Sounds great!
I'd love to grab the entire 74 tour, there's a few shows I'm missing.

2006-11-11, 02:49 AM
Definaltey in favour of massive audio torrent idea. It'd be great to have different versions or even upgrades to stuff I have. Guess it's good to be forewarned now so I can try make room. Maybe it might even encourage others to seed versions or dates that perhaps you don't have in your torrent. I have been seeing certain years getting seeded at different places, allthough not all versions, so there might be less demand for some shows of some years depending on if you do it and which shows. Still a great, generous idea.

2006-11-11, 05:25 AM
That sounds great BL, it makes a lot of sense to make a big torrent to upload large amounts of shows instead of going one torrent at a time. I'm sure you'll put a big pile driver on my hard drive by the time you're done :D

I thought about putting together a huge The Wall and related torrent, composed of compilations and such. I don't know, I need to slap some stuff together and see what I can dig up :cool:


2006-11-11, 05:31 AM
Hell I think if you can gather together a few traders here and there, you can do a big torrent for one year, and have them do another year until it's all well seeded. Sharing an entire tour (such as 1977 for sure) would take forever to upload (I'm guessing the size would be at least 10-15 GB)

just a thought, but I think sharing some of the more obscure, less circulated upgrades to dates would be a great idea also. My 2 cents.


2006-11-11, 07:38 AM
lol MarchingHammers , my 77 audio folder is more like 50gb

but hey, I just got line upgrade, we'll get er goin shortly

2006-11-11, 07:55 AM
Man I was WAY off on that guess :p

I just got my line upgraded to..massive jump from 45 kb/s to 125 kb/s ;)


2006-11-11, 06:23 PM
A few snail mail hard drive trades and we could have 5-6 seeders at launch for a 50gb torrent :) Kind of like a huge vine morphing into a torrent. Perhaps we pool our resources to come up with some comprehensive torrents.

2006-11-11, 08:39 PM
Sound slike a great idea altough my main area of interest would be say 1969 to 1972, but bring it on!!!


2006-11-11, 11:00 PM
but hey, I just got line upgrade, we'll get er goin shortly

I wondered about that when I saw your U/L speed on that '94 Copenhagen show you bailed me out on. Anyway, fantastic thought to carry on, let us know what we can help out with, it's a win-win situation!!!

2006-11-11, 11:28 PM
IMHO that's not only a very good idea but a most generous offer :)

Regarding the download of large files I can add the following experience I made: A few years ago I started to collect roms for various emulators, especially MAME. And it was really time-consuming to download the ROMs for each game separately. Due to my slow internet connection back then and also to a general lack of time I stopped collecting after a while. But a few months ago I started my MAME collection from scratch. Today you can find the complete set of ROMs in a single torrent of approx 15 GB and the complete set of CHDs in a second torrent of approx 35 GB. Of course it took quite some days to finish the download and even longer to obtain a share ratio of better than 1.0, but it's still so much better than to download each ROM separately. And I'd assume it's no difference with audio torrents. So I'd be glad if you give it a shot, because there's no better chance for newbies like me to start with a more than solid basis of Pink Floyd ROIOs ;)

If those, who already have a decent collection would (where necessary) adapt to the folder-names and directory-structure of beeerlover, they should even be able to help seeding a big part from the very beginning.

2006-11-12, 03:22 AM
I think this is a good idea. I would suggest two things:

1) Let's kick the idea around for a bit before any seeding begins so that additional ideas may be considered in the interest of going about this the best way possible.

2) I think we should consider asking tjmack to create a new torrent forum specifically for such compilations, in the interest of keeping the site organized. At the very least we should get his blessing of the concept. He may be opposed for some reason.

As a final comment, I like the HD trade idea, but I'm not sure that it is practical. After all, we trade on here to avoid the potential complications that it can cause.


2006-11-12, 11:02 AM
tjmack? who is that?

2006-11-12, 11:29 AM
I have just moved to a new city and my new *STUPID ISP* now limits my total bandwidth both up and down. :mad:

That said, I still think that this is a great idea. :D Today's clients let everyone pick and choose what files they want before beginning download.

Thanks beerlover for your pre '69 upload and I am just hanging on for your early 70's stuff. :rolleyes:


2006-11-12, 10:43 PM
Like I get to quote Todd every time I go online....."I hate my freakin' ISP!"

But I am spoiled, so without them I wouldn't have the fabulous stuff you chaps put up as easily as do......