View Full Version : Coder required for Yeeshkul

2006-07-08, 07:24 PM
To: yeeshkul@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Coder required for Yeeshkul

The new Yeeshkul site has several problems which are beyond my capabilities to fix. I've tried posting in the usual forums with little or no success and tbh, it's starting to become a bit tiresome and I'm starting to lose heart in the site. To re-energise me and the site I'd like someone who is experienced in php and Mysql to come onboard and help sort out these problems and maintain the site. Experience with vBulletin would be advantageous but not absolutely necessarily. If you are interested on coming on board PM me with an url of your work.

Don't bother replying "I'm inexperienced but willing to help". I want these probems fixed ASAP and I believe they can be fixed, but it does need someone with far more capability than myself, so only reply if you think you are up to the job.