View Full Version : PM restrictions now in place

2010-01-21, 05:23 PM
It seems our anti-spam measures in the forums have been successful - so much so spammers have been using the PM system to spread their crap.

Therefore, from now on, PM access is denied to anyone who hasn't made X posts in the forums. I'm not saying the exact amount to avoid helping out the spammers, but it is the same very low number that gets you past our automated moderation barrier when you make a new post. I decided that this was the simplest method on determining on who was and wasn't a genuine user of Y.

Hopefully that's low enough to not unduly penalise genuine members of this site, but enough to put all but the most determined spammer off.

If you feel that you have been unfairly penalised because you haven't made those X number of posts, but would still like access to PMs, you can contact me or the other mods, and then we can take a look at your other user stats.


P.S. Users LadyXAdmin/Ladminstrator have been banned and their PMs removed, so no need to contact us about him/her.