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2010-03-20, 06:15 PM
The only fundraising we will accept on Yeeshkul without any questions asked is for Yeeshkul itself. I certainly think it's not right to ask for funding another PF site on here, when we ourselves rely on donations for the running of Y.

Even although myself and the mods run this site for the fun of it , and no-one is forcing us to do this, the costs of the server have to be paid somehow.

I think it is acceptable to receive donations from members who want to donate, as the site benefits all members and, so far, we have done this in a fairly low key manner. The donations that we receive go directly into a Paypal account which is almost exclusively used to pay the monthly server charge currently standing at $120.00 p.m. BTW, the current balance stands at approx $590 (allowing for the exchange rate).

All other costs (software etc.) are funded by myself. The mods and I do not, nor expect, to receive any type of personal reward or payment for the running of this site.

Speaking for myself, I don't think it is very fair to ask the generous PF community to basically fund a personal vacation for someone. I'm sorry that they can't meet the costs to follow their friends around a tour, but many of us can't, certainly not myself.

Of course, we will consider requests for fundraising for genuine humanitarian causes. Contact the mods if you have something in mind.


2010-04-25, 06:44 PM
I'm posting this here to ensure that everyone sees this.

I've just been sent a PM from the wife of andy_672 telling me that Andy, one of our most active members, died suddenly last night.

I'm sure many will be shocked and saddened to hear that news and that you will all want to extend heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.

Shine on, Andy.