View Full Version : Favourite Floyd piece

2007-01-19, 08:56 AM
i know this is a very shitty question, but, i had to ask it after listening to the normal album version of Absolutely Curtains again, as the song gave me shivers all the way up to..
normally i tend to say Echoes is my favourite, but i think i just changed my mind and will now say Absolutely Curtains is my all time favourite!
and you lot?

2007-01-20, 10:50 AM
echoes for me, it was this piece that got me into floyd years ago when i first saw the live at pompeii movie and every time i hear it i go back to that first experience (substances may also have been abused) hearing dave play last year live was fantastic and all the lovely boots lately and it still as fresh now as it was way back when ;)

2007-01-20, 07:08 PM
For me it's time. It's got a bunch of nice little subtleties that all blend together into that perfect song. Love the lyrics, love the solo as well. My second choice, though not on the list, would be asos (concert version of course)