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2010-08-14, 09:59 PM
I've always liked the song and I would love it without the horn section.

Thus, what is worse the horn section in the song itself or the dancers in the video?

I like the song so I'm going with the dancers. Uggh, unwatchable.

Also, is there something I could buy for a PC to get rid of the horns myself?

I'm a Gilmour guy in the endless debate, Waters' Radio K.A.O.S. suffers even more from what was hip in the mid to late eighties. I'll take About Face any day over any of Waters' plaintastic melodies.

If you haven't seen the dancing, YouTube it.

2010-08-14, 10:15 PM
The worse is perhaps David himself. He has a sloppy attitude, semms pretty tired, it's a damn contrast to the energetic tune and video. In close-up you can clearly see that his eyes are reading the song lyrics (the old "Christopher Walken" trick).

Alan smithee
2010-08-19, 04:04 PM
Wow...someone feels the same as I do about Blue Light.

It was a good song but I HATE kick horns...Always have and probably always will...Didn't like the video either.

But the thing about Waters' solo albums for me was..For years I didn't get it.
I didn't like Pros & Cons and I hated Radio KAOS (But I admit I saw Waters in '87 for the Radio KAOS tour and the show was pretty awesome..Too bad the music wasn't)

Waters made it a point to steer as far away from the Pink Floyd ' sound' as he possibly could for 25 years and to his credit,he did a good job doing it because nothing before Amused To Death sounded like Pink Floyd.

On the other hand,I didn't care much for the post Waters Floyd...Saw them in 1987 (I was very lucky to get a ticket,2 shows sold out in 30 minutes or something like that) and the light show was great,but the music was TOO polished,I didn't like the fact that there was 20 people on stage and I very much disliked A Momentary Lapse of Reason....I passed at the chance to see them in 1994.

A few years ago I was channel surfing when something caught my eye on the TV guide..Something called Remember That Night with Dave Gilmour on PBS.
I checked it out and I was blown away...Great light show,understated and not over produced,great interplay between him and Rick...and I said to myself, ' Holy shit...I really hope Gilmour stops into town'
I think without the Pink Floyd brand,Gilmour was more relaxed and free to play what he wanted how he wanted and it was awesome....Too bad Rick died shortly after.

Anyhow,that's my 2 cents..


2010-08-19, 06:35 PM
My half centavo on this excellent discussion:

1) the song Blue Light: the Mtv video - too damn high in the cheese factor for me... the spy versus spy women, the goofy ass dancers. WTF? The song itself, brilliant! Great riff .. though I definitely agree that one should have canned that kick horns crap (it gave me the same shmaltzy feeling when I saw Townshend's Deep End live in Brixton Academy video... the horns just add too much kitsch to the mix). Having said that, for me, the horns single-handedly lowered the excellence of this song by degrees! Played live, onstage, in 1984 (No, I never saw him... only the deleted Hammersmith Odeon video release) the song kicked some serious ass; only change I'd make is Rafael Ravenscroft's silly sax during the song. I feel its better left to keyboards, guitars, drums. PERIOD.

2) Roger Waters tours versus Waterless Floyd tours: my first ever Floyd-esque show was Waters/Clapton Pros and Cons concert at Maple Leaf Gardens, July 29, 1984. The Floyd sets were mind blowing (though very interesting in that Clapton, playing solos I'd only heard Gilmour play, was a bit hard to get used to). The Pro and Cons set, however, was spectacular; the only detractor to this set was that I found myself absolutely befuddled as to what in the hell the song cycle was all about? Did Waters even know? This hampered my enjoyment of this portion of the show. Radio KAOS was an interesting idea. The story line was great, though the music was too steeped in the Big 80s sound; Who Needs Information being the only standout, as well as The Tide is Turning. The concert I saw at Memorial Aud in Buffalo (1987) was great, however, and this tours version of the title track to Pros and Cons was killer.

Now, the Waterless Floyd shows were great but, I agree, very VERY polished by the time I saw them at CNE stadium, 9.22.87. I loved the set list and the AMLOR came off better live than on the album, to these ears anyhow. Division Bell came and I only went because I wanted to see the Floyd at Foxboro stadium, Mass. I wasn't into the album at the time (stupid me, as its one of my favorites from the new Floyd output) but enjoyed the concert immensely

3) Wish list - its funny to say that the albums I wish Roger Waters and David Gilmour COULD have toured in support of would be Amused To Death, and Dave's first lp. The themes on Amused, and the general song structures, playing, and chances for extended jams on Gilmour's first lp could have been killer in a concert format. Can you imagine?


Alan smithee
2010-08-19, 08:47 PM
I didn't see Waters in '84...I'm not even sure if he came by my way.
With Clapton on guitar,it was interesting...I've only heard the Pros & Cons live on bootleg.
My only critique about it (besides it being a departure from what I was used to as Pink Floyd) was Set The Controls.
I thought it was great that Waters dusted off that tune and played it and it was coming along pretty well...THEN the sax solos replacing Rick's Arab-esque keyboard part...yuck.

I saw a clip from Roger's tour--I think it was from 2000,I don't know--on Youtube where he performed Dogs.
He had Snowy White and I don't remember the guitarist's name,the guy's great,plays a right hand guitar left handed (he has to play the chords upside down),Someone Errather III(???)
Anyway,it was performed REALLY well,even if it was weird to hear it played with female background singers...During the synthesizer part which bridges the first and second part together,the band drops their instruments and plays cards at a table..lol.

I don't know too many people who dislike Animals..Personally,I thought (and still think) it's brilliant.
I know Rick hated it but Dave didn't have anything too disparaging to say about it...It's really too bad the post Waters Floyd never played even ONE number from that album.
Again,it could be because Rick didn't want anything to do with it and/or it was nothing but bad memories of a horrible period for the band,I don't know.

Hell,they didn't even feature Animals on Echoes-The Best Of...(Terrible disc BTW but I'll leave that for another discussion)..except for an edited version of Sheep...Even a couple docs I've seen on the history of the band doesn't mention a PEEP about Animals...Very strange.

Fact is,if you want to hear anything from Animals performed live,go see Waters (except for the current tour,ofcourse)

I wish Waters and Gilmour could have patched things up 20 years ago...Once Rick died,so did any hope of a reunion.

But I heard that Gilmour was going to join Waters on one of his tour dates to play Comfortably Numb...I don't know where or when or if it already happened but that's as close as it will ever get :(

Demolition Man
2010-08-21, 03:23 AM
He had Snowy White and I don't remember the guitarist's name,the guy's great,plays a right hand guitar left handed (he has to play the chords upside down),Someone Errather III(???)

Doyle Bramhall The Second. Also "Sheep" on the Echoes comp just fades out early. The song itself otherwise is left as-is.

Alan smithee
2010-08-21, 11:08 PM
Doyle Bramhall The Second. Also "Sheep" on the Echoes comp just fades out early. The song itself otherwise is left as-is.

Doyle Bramhall II...Thank you.

Maybe I was too hard on the Echoes comp...I guess because I hated it so much.

I stand corrected:shut: