View Full Version : Entry level microphone for Droid phone?

2011-01-01, 09:35 PM
Last night at some NYE festivities I decided to experiment with my portable devices to make some recordings of the random music acts who were performing. My old MP3 player wasn't worth jack but I was pleasantly surprised at how good of a job my Droid smart phone did using a simple 44.1/16 sound recorder and the built-in microphone. The sound was thin but I think I'd call it VG+ at worst.

I was wondering if there was a moderately priced microphone on the market that would be a worthwhile upgrade for the internal microphone (if for no other reason that the internal microphone is only practical for ideal recording locations). Something lightweight that I could clip onto a hat or dangle off of a balcony would be ideal. The Droid has a 3.5 mm jack and takes headsets with three bands (I don't know the technical term for that).

I'm not looking to replace nyctaper, but maybe someday I'll make a passable recording that no one else got.