View Full Version : Caravan - John Peel BBC 1972-04-11

2011-03-03, 12:44 AM
They played 3 songs according to the BBC Peel site :

Waterloo Lily
The Love In Your Eye
The World Is Yours

And possibly also

Place Of My Own

Its special because the line-up was really short lived :

Richard Coughlan - Drums
Pye Hastings - Guitar
Steve Miller - Keyboards
Richard Sinclair - Bass (one of the best)

It was a great sound but far removed from their much loved and praised In The Land Of Grey And Pink. Not sure how often they played together.

The Love In Your Eye is available on the official release Green Bottles For Marjorie but I don't think the other two have been commercially released. Waterloo Lily is on the bootleg BBC 1969-1973 and Place Of My Own (if they actually played this) on the bootleg Living In The Grey and Pink.

Anyone know where I might me able to get these. I've already got Green Bottles For Marjorie.