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2007-03-22, 04:32 PM
this hasn't been on the tracker in a while....
I searched for info, found that there was not an original lineage/info text.
but dont let that stop ya

There is not a lot of footage from this time floating around to be picky about the quality.

gspot says:
length: 10:32.371
audio codec: MPEG-1 Layer 2:48000Hz 224 kb/s tot , Stereo
Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR
720 x 480(4:3)-NTSC dvd ready

art included, but can be viewed or printed from here:
(first 2 images on the page)

2007-03-22, 05:01 PM
From A_L's torrent thread on EZTree April 2005:


Torrent details for "NEW SEED: 1972-05-22 Pink Floyd Amsterdam Rock Cicus - ASOS (dvd of video)"
Torrent file 1972-05-22 Pink Floyd Amsterdam Rock Cicus - ASOS (dvd of video).torrent (will be personalized for you upon download)
Downloads as 1972-05-22 Pink Floyd Amsterdam Rock Cicus - ASOS (dvd of video)
Info hash d96c89003710d2ac19c57d163e9e6dbf09dfde1f
Description U-matic tape > Sony VP7020 U-matic player > TBC-1000 > DAC-100 > Scenlizer Live!.

No artwork.

#368278 by Arnold_Layne at 2005-04-03 00:27:59 GMT
This is a new seed. Another memeber tried to seed this, but his share ratio was too low. I'm seeding from my original files.

POTW Productions

#369111 by Arnold_Layne at 2005-04-03 12:49:40 GMT
Now that serveral people have downloaded this show I thought I'd give some additional information.

The video consists of the last 10mins of ASOS from the Amsterdam Rock Circus. Visual effects were added by whoever created the U-matic tape. It is a bit dark, but I have had it confirmed that it is geniune. I have been told through various sources who I will not name because they prefer to remain anonymous, that the original video is not enhanced and is of slightly better quality. DO NOT ASK ME FOR THE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL UNENHANCED VIDEO I DO NOT HAVE IT. I am only going off of what I've been told by people I trust.

That being said, please no negative comments about the quality of this video. It is most likely the only video clip we'll ever see of this show.

2007-03-22, 05:08 PM
is the same from ‘MIND YOUR THROATS PLEASE’?:confused:

2007-03-22, 05:57 PM
is the same from ‘MIND YOUR THROATS PLEASE’?:confused:Same source, but here it's with additional colour visual effects (the original film, as shown of MYTP, was b&w).



2007-03-22, 06:49 PM
This was the first time many of us saw the Amsterdam video, which was later to be released in a more complete version on MYTP.
This is also the DVD which was created by a man who not only bought the U-matic tape on ebay for some astronomical amount, but then went out and bought a freaking U-matic player to transfer it. This project represents the single most sacrifice any fan has ever made for the production of a voio.
Kudos forever to A_L.
I still shake my head thinking about it.

2007-03-23, 05:38 AM
Hi All:

The complete "Rock Circus" (37 minutes) DVD is currently seeding on Dime:


Its also seeding at:


Here are the details:

Pink Floyd
The Complete Amsterdam Rock Circus
Courtesy Of The Pink Floyd Archaelogical Society

This is a very unique piece of video that was filmed on a high grade,
hand-held camera in a very obscure and long out of date format. The group that discovered
and restored this footage had the equipment refurbished just to save the footage. This is
the longest piece of live film of the 70's Pink Floyd, and it truly has as ambience of a
live concert that no other existing film does (the Whitehead films from '72 for example).
It features the last ever live performance of "Atom Heart Mother" ,in it's entirety, as well as
full length versions of "Careful With That Axe Eugene" and "A Saucerful Of Secrets".

Pink Floyd fans...relish this extraordinary film, and big ups to The PF Arch. Society for
doing the entire world a big favor for making this happen, I'm constantly amazed at the fans
who put their time and money into preserving this history.

Run Time is 37min

Atom Heart Mother
Careful With That Axe Eugene
A Saucerful Of Secrets

Its amazing!


2007-03-23, 10:57 AM
The complete "Rock Circus" (37 minutes) DVD is currently seeding on Dime:
Yes, but that VoIO is just a (partial) rip from Mind Your Throats Please, which is THE version to get, and is currented torrented on yeeshkul thanks to Ron!



2007-03-24, 04:58 AM
No worries Ron,

I'm sure you've sacrficed much more than money. Your efforts are appreciated :)