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2006-07-17, 01:42 AM
Hello All,

As the title here says, I'm new to this site, though not to Music and Vid Torrents. Long a frequenter of STG, Traders Den, Dime, and some specialized others. Pink Floyd has always been one of my two favorite bands. (the other Zep) I've seen them perform a good 7-8 times since '76 here in SoCal. I probably have a good 20+ boots (nothing like my Zep...but then Zep was much more taped) and I own most of the original Albums (in good shape still too) and quite a few of the CD's natch. And grabbed the Pulse DVD the day it came out. (a fav Floyd memory of mine was when the Pulse CD came out, I listened to it the first time in the blazing sun with 30 knot wind drinking Rum drinks on the top deck of a Cruise Ship in the Carribean! I was in freak'n heaven! LOL!)

So back to my question, I have the Wall video, and Pulse for the '90s.....what I lack is a video from the Animal's Tour, which was my first live exposure to them.

Does anyone have a recommedation for the best representative one? Pay and or Boot? It was one of the coolest concerts I'd ever seen (both nights at Anahiem Stadium) and I'd like to re-live the show and share it with my teens that also dig all my music. (taking my oldest to the DSOTM show this coming Oct at the Hollywood Bowl!)

Thanks in advance for you help!

2006-07-17, 03:36 AM
There is some rather dim 8MM footage that exists. ******* shared some of it on his 8MM offering and I believe it is being shared here.

The guy that bought the vaults of Bill Graham probably has footage of the 77 shows in California, but he seems to be more interested in pissing all the stuff away on an internet radio site instead. I've contacted him several times through email with requests to simply let people know what he has, but never recieved a reply.

Maybe you will have better luck