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2011-10-16, 06:59 AM
So I've been running into problems trying to listen to the 5.1 or Quad mix.

To be clear I haven't had Surround set up with my current set up. With my current receiver yes, but not my current set up.

My only option is:

PS3 > HDMI to TV > Optical to receiver (either optical out of TV or optical out of PS3). Neither give me surrond. And I've never tried to get surround out of my PS3 before.

My receiver does DTS but it is 14 years old at this point. After looking over the PS3 options in the AUDIO menu and the AUDIO options of the DSOTM Blu Ray
I've come to the conclusion that optical audio can not handle it and I need a receiver that can take HDMI in.

I can't get ANY surround out of my PS3. Surround out of broadcast / over the air tv is fine. I'm assuming my receiver is just too out of date?

I have listened to the 5.1 and quad mix at work and really prefer the quad mix myself but i want to rock it at home! AND what i'm really really really looking forward to is WYWH so I wanna get set up by 11/08

2011-10-16, 11:43 AM
Check your Blu-Ray player and see if it has 5.1 or 7.1 analog out.
You'll be able to recognize those easily, as they will be RCA female connectors labeled Center, Left Surround, Right Surround, etc.
If it does, you don't need to bother replacing your receiver, since you can simply hook up those analog outputs to the analog inputs on your receiver.

2011-10-16, 01:35 PM
I don't believe the PS3 has 5.1 analog outputs. Just stereo. Optical or HDMI is the only way to get 5.1 (optical) or 7.1 (HDMI) outputs.

Sounds to me there's a setting he needs to change in the PS3.

I own a PS3 250GB. I'm using HDMI outputs, but for the heck of it I'll see if the optical will work with the DSOTM blu ray. I'll report back.

Edit: I realise the problem. The Blu-Ray is LPCM. I believe the 5.1 and 4.0 24/96 LPCM tracks are beyond the optical's bandwidth (or the blu-ray has been encoded not to allow multi-channel via optical)

2011-10-16, 01:53 PM
Im running a PS3 180GB Slim and a Sony STR-DH810 Receiver.They pair up beautifully. Wharfedale Moviestar 68 speakers complete my set up. I am using HDMI as connection as i believe optical won't work for hi-rez stuff on a PS3 but not sure. The DSOTM Quad sounds decent enough on this to my ears which ain't knackered yet!