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2012-11-21, 12:19 PM
There's still stuff that I do not (yet) own but want to buy some day. A sort of 'wish list'. I think you will have one too. I want to know if it is worth the trouble before I buy the stuff because I already have so much. And much of the stuff that I bought because it was 'collectible' or 'all new and improved' turned out to be not worth to listen to, watch or read twice.

My wish list is:
'The making of Pink Floyd The Wall' by Gerald Scarfe.
I am a big fan of Scarfe's work on the Wall. Is this a must-have then?
'Inside Out' by Nick Mason.
Yep: I'm probably the only fan that does not have this book. I stopped w/ franticly collecting Floyd around the time this book came out. Thought it couldn't be much more in depth than Schaffner's book and that it would not contain more pics than Miles' book. I'm probably wrong...
'DSotM: The making of the Pink Floyd masterpiece' by John Harris.
Is it anywhere as good and in depth as Vernon Fitch's book about The Wall? If so: the must-have book about the must-have Floyd album.
Second hand LP's to hang on my wall in frames just like I saw on this forum at another fan's home.
'The Committee' movie by Peter Sykes.
'Crystal Voyager'.
DVD of the rolling waves that was sometimes used as a backdrop on PF's Mr. Screen. Might be a nice DVD to relax by...
I'm not gonna buy anymore re-re-releases, boxed sets, immersions or re-masters. My ears are getting to old to hear the difference and I'll probably never own a stereo good enough to even reproduce the difference.

Also eagerly awaiting 'The Wall live 1980' (20th century) video ever since 1987 when I learned that the stuff was filmed. Also eagerly awaiting the Wall 21st century live vid.

2012-11-28, 10:59 PM

I think I'd moved this to PF related as its relates to PF rather than just other stuff.

You may get more comments.

In my opinion, the first 2 books you mentioned are worth having, first if you like the Wall, second is a good read if nothing else.

The rest I'm not to keen on (DVDs).

And as for framing albums I've never thought of that. Mine stay in an old lp box, but i think i'd be worried if they faded in the sun or something, though staying that you are talking second hand ones. But surely it be easier to photcopy them onto really good paper and frame them.

Whatever you do, hope you enjoy it.


2012-11-29, 10:54 AM
@Olly37: thanks for tr reply. I cannot move the topic myself, I might ask a mod. Have yuread he book 'DSotM: The making of the Pink Floyd masterpiece' by John Harris?