View Full Version : Different style added to the site.

2013-02-27, 08:19 PM
After a bit of trial and error with others, I've decided just to add the 'Blackend' style, one which is popular with many other vBulletin forums. It has a black background so it contrasts highly with lightly coloured images and text. There's 3 different varieties of it giving you a different base text colour to choose from. Anyway, you can check it out for yourselves from the 'Quick Style Chooser' pop-up menu, which is in the extreme bottom left hand corner of the site's pages.

I personally prefer these darker themes, but I'm aware that they're not to everyone's likening, so I'll leave 'Inspired' as the default one.

BTW, If anyone wants to try their hand at coming up with a more imaginative Yeeshkul banner for the Blackend style feel free to contact me.