View Full Version : Passkey problems when creating torrents

2013-09-23, 02:19 AM

It seems that something got screwed after my failed attempt of an upgrade and the following restoration - likely the site's cookie

You'll likely get an unregistered torrent error in your torrent client when you try and create a new torrent thread. I did when I created a test torrent myself just now.

A solution that worked for me was to reset my passkey (you'll find it under the 'Tracker CP' drop down menu near the top of the page), then log out and log back in again. It does mean that you'll probably have to refetch any previous .torrent from Yeeshkul for any torrent that you wish to continue to seed - BUT ONLY IF you do reset your passkey. Hopefully, it'll be fixed but look at this thread if not:


I'm very sorry for the hassle that upgrade caused.