View Full Version : What works by PF doyou think would fit in other bands' albums?

Elias Pies de Plomo
2013-12-07, 08:33 PM
Hello ther this is my first thread so I ask you a favor: Disregard my poor ratio (it sucks I knnow) and consider my suggestion.

Last night I happened to listen to Ummagumma (studio) and Lizard one after the other. Rick's part is by far my favourite section of Ummagumma. I just can't believe he wrote (and performed) such a vivid music so, as usual the chords and melodies kept ringing on my mind even when Lizard started to sound through the speakers. And then this came to my mind: What if Fripp had had Rick play some of his Sysyphus part two on the title song, particulary during the trumpet solo (4:35)?

This not to downgrade Keith Tippet's work. It's just an idea that came to me almost unconciously and though Yeeshkul would be appropiate for debate.