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2007-06-22, 11:36 AM
Hi there fans
I know it's a little late for this, but better late than never, right :)

Well I took these pictures about 8 metres from stage with my girlfriends N73 mobile phone, (I still regret that I didn't bring my Olympus 7 Megapixel digital camera :mad: )
I think the pictures have turned out very well indeed, and I hope you'll enjoy them.
It was a FANTASTIC concert, the best I've been to, and I also filmed a few songs with the N73 phone if anyone is interrested.
I just hope that a complete video or audio recording will show up someday.

Well, enjoy
(I've made it a rar file, so you'll need winrar to unpack the pictures)



2007-06-22, 02:22 PM
For those who dont have rar, or just want to preview, I made ya a page in the gallery for those images you shot:

http://pinkfloyd.nosnam.com/gallery/albums/2007-05-01/01052007135_G.highlight.jpg (http://pinkfloyd.nosnam.com/gallery/2007-05-01)

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