View Full Version : Waters '84/'87 video rehearsals/West Palm 2000

2007-06-23, 01:46 AM
Dime has lifted ban on "Good Ol' Daze" a double dvd of Waters '84/'87 rehearsals...'84 is same source as "HitchHiking Across The Universe" but has a significant audio remaster and the KAOS Rehearsal is my source sent to a new friend and new guy on the trade scene "Scatrbrains"...

I'm not collecting much these days but I have sent him a box of VHS tapes that includes uncirculated sources of some rare material.

The next Floyd related transfer is a 1 hour video soundcheck from Waters at West Palm 2000 from a 2nd gen VHS. I'll upload it here to take the load off of him...it's interesting, just as boring as most soundchecks...it includes a lengthy dialog with Waters' stage manager during the lags in the soundcheck...