View Full Version : Read This:Spambots are back

2015-02-19, 11:53 PM
After leaving us alone for 2-3 months it seems that the spambots are back with a vengeance.

The reports started yesterday (2015-06-28) and I'm getting multiple reports from today.

If you get a message of 5 failed attempts from the Yeeshkul server using an IP address that's totally unrelated to you, it'll likely be a spambot.

Spambots are just automated software that work from a list of usernames hoovered up from many different forum sites across the world. The aim of the software is to use brute force techniques to gain entry into any user account in the belief that they will be able to post spam unmolested by a moderator. In our case, even if they did gain access to an account the spam would still be picked up by our automated spamtraps.

They literally try thousands of accounts at once usually using some anonymous proxy server, so it's virtually pointless to put bans on the IPs used. I have in the past put country wide bans on China where many spambots originate but they can use any IP worldwide they want and change it after every run.

As long as your password is a secure one you have nothing to worry about. After the initial 5 failed attempts, I've yet to see them attack the same account again.

You can safely ignore the 'failed attempt' message from us if you believe it's a spambot.