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2016-09-06, 06:46 PM
Huge Floyd fan. Seen them twice, both in Toronto 87 and 94. Saw Roger Waters in 83 also in Toronto.

I love listening to old Floyd shows. I have just been streaming from youtube, but I would like to have them downloaded to listen on any of my devices. (youtube requires my tablets screen to be on for audio).

My question is, how do I make sure I am sharing files properly ? Do I have to save downloads to a specific folder ?

2016-09-07, 02:52 AM
Start with the FAQs (link at the top of the screen).

Your client program should handle downloading material to a designated folder, and then sharing from that. Make sure to continue seeding once you finish downloading. Even if you don't see other people actively downloading from you, you earn seedpoints which can be redeemed for upload credit.

2016-09-07, 12:34 PM
Mooncusser covered the basics nicely, but I'll just add that the best strategy to both get recordings you really like and get maximum upload credit is to jump on something that looks appealing as soon as you possibly can, then seed the living daylights out of it.
When you get in early, you have far more people downloading after you, all of whom are leeching from your torrent and racking up your upload credit the entire time.
Of course, previously unknown recordings or shows that are likely to have people particularly interested are going to be your best bet to have opportunities for credit, but there are even times when it's worthwhile to get in early to download recordings you have no real interest in because you are aware that plenty of other folks will want them.
Also, if you have to shut down your computer at some time each day and can't keep it running 24/7, or if you need the bandwidth that will get gobbled up by sharing torrents that will be needed for other things on the interwebz, it would be really worth your time to subscribe to one of the torrent seedbox sites.
I subbed to Peerharbor for a couple of years, which made it possible to really rack up huge uploads in a hurry, which brings up another advantage of many seedbox sites, which is that many of them offer far more bandwidth than many ordinary people can afford, which in turn translates to far greater upload credit gained in a shorter time.
Peerharbor offers a sliding scale for their subs, starting at $15 USD/month for 20GB worth of storage space and going up from there, but the many other seedbox sites out there may offer better or worse deals, so do shop around.
You'll love it here.

2016-09-07, 06:35 PM
Thanks for he advice guys. Yes, I can see me really enjoying this site. Probably found it the same way others have.....searching for the meaning of Yeeshkul.

2016-09-07, 07:11 PM
Thanks for the replies. I am using uTorrent, and created a download folder for completed downloads, designated the path in preferences. Can I remove the downloads showing as active in the app ? Is designating a folder all I need to do to share properly ?

Sorry if this sounds ridiculous, I have never really shared files before. But realizing the sense of community here, I want to do this properly.