View Full Version : meanwhile, on the Lighter Side of the Moon...

2017-04-07, 03:01 AM
I meant to post a few fun files for April Fool's day. It didn't happen, but I figure why not post them now?

I don't claim to have a finger on the pulse of Y! but now seems like a good time to lighten the mood a bit for anyone that wants a laugh.

Please add a link here to any shows you may decide to upload that are in the spirit of this thread!

Show Number #1:

Does this first show go to 11?
Mayhaps only 10.5 (it's a nice sounding aud) - but hey, listen to that sustain!



Show No. #2:

Melodramatic? or Genius?
You. Decide.
I. Know. Exactly. What. The. Answer. Is.



The 3rd show num 3:

C'mon. You had the poster didn't you?