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2017-12-16, 10:14 AM
last night I found these files in my pc but I do not remember what concert it is.
there is the presentation of Jhon Peel and the portions of astronomy domine, careful with that axe eugene, interstellar overdrive, a saucerful of secrets, let the be more light and something unknown.
what is it?
can you help me?
exist a complete concert of this?

https://mega.nz/#!Cx1mlC5C!4eDqRFFlonVr0xrWHFYJe0WW3kcCLY70oeZKJeR L9WU

https://mega.nz/#!Sk9mzS7A!q8_RCi5pdotmOjBWoeOlMfbR6LUMQe7nuHwCAp0 dR_Q

2017-12-16, 10:26 AM
It's a sample of one of the dates recorded for the live album of Ummagumma - the Birmingham Mothers concert, I think.
Somebody got hold of the tapes, or copies of them, and put out these little snippets as proof. There's a whole back story about that episode.

2017-12-18, 02:38 PM
thank you, very Interesting