View Full Version : Improving one's ratio

2022-01-29, 07:02 PM
I was a bit confused by how to improve my ratio because most of these torrents have 0 leechers.
Any tips?

2022-01-29, 09:05 PM
First suggestion, get in early on torrents with material that you like that you also know will be very popular.
Being one of the first ones to get a torrent downloaded means you have more time to seed out to as many others as possible.
If at all possible, seed long after you think a torrent is done, as there will still be occasional people who jump on for you to seed to, and it's very useful to keep multiple seeds going to further boost upload/download ratio.
Also, if you can, put up some new torrents of your own, especially easy to do if you have or know someone who has some pressed silver CDs, or (harder to get) if you discover some previously unknown tape or a much lower generation and higher quality tape to transfer.
Finally, the way that I was able to get my own ratio up substantially early on was by getting a subscription to a so-called "seedbox" service, in my specific case www.peerharbor.com, which enabled me to leave multiple torrents running for months at a time without having to concern myself with keeping my home computer running all the time and with considerably better bandwidth to really get the upload ratio climbing much faster.

2022-01-29, 09:13 PM
Yeeshkul has a fantastic rewards system called Seed Points.
These reward long-time seeding even if no-one is downloading. The idea is to encourage people to keep old items seeded for anyone coming along once something has gone cold.
You receive 0.2 points for every 1/2 hour the system registers you as being a seeder (this is per torrent seeded).

You can convert Seed Points to Ratio via this link. http://yeeshkul.com/forum/seedbonus.php
It surprising how quickly Seed Points rack up, particularly if you are able to seed 24/7 (I have an old machine I use for Torrenting and file serving, it's on all the time).

You can also Subscribe to forums and get Instant emails when any new Threads are posted. That's great for jumping on new items early.