View Full Version : Hey Dudes!!!!

2007-11-30, 11:16 PM
I'm back with a new PC. Vista with a dual core processor, 250 gig hard drive, 1 gig memory and 3 mb download with no cap :)....good to see you guys again, and I'll be here for anyone who wants to daownload from my share....Bad news is, I have to re-download a lot of torrents because one of my old hard drives went on fire:shut:

2007-11-30, 11:34 PM
Welcome back! Sounds like you've got a shiny new toy! Sorry to hear about the hard drive, that stinks. But you've got plenty of stuff to pick from to fill the new one! ;)

2007-11-30, 11:54 PM
Hey buddy!
good to see things are working again
Nice computer!!!
Maybe you will need something that I have this time;)
Welcome home :sexy:

2007-12-01, 12:56 AM
hi RW
msaybe go out and buy an additional 1GB or maybe even 3gB worth of ram for that ram sucking new OS of yours :D
glad to see you back dude!!

2007-12-01, 02:51 AM
Yup, nice to have you back. Look forward to your contributions. :)