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2007-12-20, 09:35 PM
I have been pretty active in filling out my PF collection lately, and I definitely prefer to use FLAC level 8 encoding instead of SHN, because of the nominal compression advantage, native audio support in my OS of choice (Linux), and the main reason, which is that FLAC supports meta tags, including the ones I use on ALL my ROIOs.
Those tags I use always are Disk Number, Description, Comment, Artist, Song Title, Date, Album Title, and Genre.
I do that because my CD burner - K3B - automatically adds that information to the CD-TEXT of my burned disks, allowing my car CD player, which supports CD-TEXT, to display the appropriate text.
Likewise, my MP3 encoder - Flac2MP3 - translates those tags automatically into the ID3 tags in the MP3 files that I then load onto my iPod.
Yeah, I am a bit anal when it comes to my Floyd. :o
However, I know that the MD5 file that comes with either FLAC or SHN encoded files is based strictly on the information contained in the files as encoded with no meta tags or conversion to another compressed format.
I have a suggestion for guys such as myself who prefer to re-encode and/or add song information to the files.
Here is my idea.
Why not go ahead and use the standard MD5 information for the files as encoded, but with a section on the bottom of that MD5 text file that shows the MD5 information for those files in uncompressed WAV format?
Naturally, the WAV files cannot contain tags themselves, because FLAC does not support them, stripping those tags as the WAV files are compressed.
This would allow someone of my meticulous nature to have the files compressed with full song information edited as he likes, while also allowing him to share his files as he has them, with assurances to dowloaders that the raw audio is unchanged from the original source.
Again, this is not something super critical in importance, and it does not mean a complete revamp of how the wonderful ROIOs out there (mega kudos to Harvested, FRP, and DFA, and the others!) have been packaged for sharing, but it is only about 1K of additional information that would be added to the information files.
What do you more knowledgeable folks out there think?

2007-12-20, 10:09 PM
Flac fingerprints already do this. They give a checksum of the uncompressed raw audio data contained within a FLAC. So, if you added a tag or, even recompressed the file at a different level, it should still pass its FFP. Try it out.

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2007-12-21, 07:26 AM
Oh, thanks!
I was unaware of that bit of information, and it looks as if, yet again, as if FLAC should be THE format of choice for any serious b*otl*gger.