View Full Version : Is anyone putting presure on FLoyd

2006-08-27, 02:24 PM
Seeing as all Floyd fans would be willing to pay for less than superb quality items (yes Pulse sounds good but it shouldn't be a benchmark for other releases), is thee anyone pressing Floyd to release some of this stuff.

If it's true Mason has tons of video's ( does anyone actually know what he's got) and roger's got the wall vid's, why the F*** don't they release it and clearly state it is suitable for only die hard fans. Jesus it would only cost a few grand to improve the quality anyway.

Seems very sad that they sit on stuff that any fan (not people who would need promo to be enouraged to buy) would be so happy to be able to watch. WTF doe this millionaires do with it, doews nick have "come and see some rare footage at my house" nights? if so HTF do I get an invite.

The stuff they have is historical artifacts of events that many many people want to see, we dont need to be blown away with 15.1 3d surround sound etc, just the basic stuff. Why don't they find out what we would like, after all it's us who have made them the rich boys they are.

It's like NASSA withholding footage of the moon landings cos they are crap pictures, DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. Are there sites that have access to band members? and can put pressure on them to get this stuff out here for us.