View Full Version : Any CouchSurfing members in London among Yeeshkul members?

2008-03-25, 06:51 PM
I hope it isn't inappropriate to post the following message on this forum as it might be an unusual subject, i.e. depending on how many of us ever consider or need to travel to far away countries to attend rock concerts. I did that quite a few times in the past for Pink Floyd and Roger Waters; just added my vote on the "How many users were at a PF/DG/RW concert?" poll here :-


Besides Roger Waters, I also plan to attend these other concerts in London :-

2008.05.21 - Paul Weller
2008.05.22 - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
2008.05.23 - Robin Trower
2008.05.29 - The Black Keys

This should give whoever reading this message a rough idea of my taste in music beyond Pink Floyd.

While planning for my trip (I am on a very tight budget naturally since all my money will be gone for concert tickets!:)), I discovered this brilliant project which I don't know if any of you knows about and already a member :-


I believe this is useful information for everyone of us who like this way of travelling, but then I also admit my personal reason in posting this message on Yeeshkul is hoping to find a partner on CouchSurfing who is also a Pink Floyd fan. I trust it will be much better fun for both me and the host as we can talk about music and perhaps even go to the show/s together.

Thank you everyone for your attention. Whoever interested to contact me please do so by private messages.

Shine On !!!