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2008-04-22, 09:58 PM
Hi all :D

maybe my burner it's going to crash, but sometimes it gives me error after burning or during the check phase.
The last time... one hour ago with 1987-08-26 MSG RW show.
I've checked the md5 with trader's little helper and everything's ok.

a suggestion, please. IF the md5 is correct it means all the files have been burned well, right? :confused: maybe it's only a -strange- message from my burner, but the dvd it's ok?

thanks for your opinion

2008-04-23, 02:16 AM
It would help if you told us the exact error message you are receiving and what software you are using to burn the dvd with.


2008-04-23, 01:31 PM
yep :D

I use "Sonic" a toshiba oem sw, given with my toshibaA60 notebook.

Sometime it gives this error (in italian): error in writing burner can't blah blah no particular error code. sometimes it gives the error: error in verifying, blah blah.

no specific message, so I can't say more.

But the md5, often , not always, it's ok... :shut::o

I would like to know if I can consider the dvd ok, if the md5 check is ok and the video is watchable.

Thanks A_L! :sexy:

2008-04-23, 05:14 PM
What software are you using to burn, and have you got the correct Codecs installed on your laptop?

2008-04-24, 01:32 AM
The name of the software is "Sonic" given with my toshiba notebook.

codec? why codec? :confused: I'm asking about burning process and errors :( not about playing.

The question could be less specific.

If using any burning program, I obtain an error but the md5 check is ok, and watching the video everything seems ok, can I consider my dvd ok?
(expecially for the correct md5 check) :)

2008-04-24, 02:07 AM
I don't want to take attention away from stefano's question, but I have a semi-related inquiry:

After writing a disc, one way I like to check for a good burn is to benchmark it; basically spin the disc at maximum speed, and measure how fast I can read the data off it (using Nero CD-DVD Speed, DVDInfoPro, or similar tool).

When my machine was new, I would get a nice smooth constant angular velocity graph. Now, the plot of disc position vs speed has a staircase appearance.

I cannot think of anything that changed before this happened. Is this a symptom of a failing drive?