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2008-06-05, 12:12 AM

Does anybody know where I might be able to track down a recording of a BBC Radio4 show from 1968 called 'JUST A MINUTE'. The specific edition would be from 12th Jan 1968, and includes an actress called 'Bettine Le Beau' as a guest. She was a Bond Girl at the time, I believe.

Apparently it's one of those part-quiz/part-comedy that BBC radio is known for.

Any pointers appreciated.



2008-06-05, 08:46 AM
That'd be series 1, episode 4 of "Just A Minute". It's still running on Radio 4, now into something like its 52nd series.

There used to be a very large collection of JAM episodes floating around uknova. It's fairly complete, but it's missing several episodes from the first series, that one included. The BBC sells a number of "best-of" compilations of JAM episodes, but they don't tend to include any of the very early episodes, and there's no transcript for it on http://www.geocities.com/deanbedford/jam1.html -- which suggests no fan recording of it has appeared.

2008-06-06, 12:27 AM
Fantastic. Thanks for the help. At least that gives me somewhere to start. I wouldn't expect it to be easy.

Thanks, atsampson. Cheers