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How to register.

For the time being we have disabled self-registration due to the amount of fake registrations from spambots. If you wish to register use the Contact Us link at the bottom right foot of the page, giving 3 choices of usernames, the first being your perferred. Passwords will be auto-generated but can be changed once you are registered.

I've not yet got access to the torrents, why?

You must complete the registration process and for that to happen you must be able to receive our confirmation email, and visit the link contained within it.

Please ensure that you use a currently valid and accessible email address for the registration to complete successfully

Several ISPs and email services will often spam filter the confirmation email, so please check your junk folders before contacting the site. We have tried our best to adhere to these organizations anti-spam rules, but we cannot guarantee that you will get email sent by the Yeeshkul server.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours then contact me (tjmack). Users that have not acted upon the confirmation email that was sent, for whatever reason, will eventually be deleted from the system.

What is this site for and what uploads are allowed?

This site is for the sharing of (mostly Pink Floyd related , but not exclusively) unofficial live audio and video recordings by way of the Bit Torrent p2p protocol.

All audio recordings must be in a lossless format whenever possible. FLAC, SHN or APE are all acceptable. MD5 checksums should also be included to ensure the safe trading of files outwith YEESHKUL!

Lossy audio formats (mp3, wma etc.) will not be accepted except under extremely rare conditions. Anyone wishing to share such files will have to ask me (tjmack) in person and give a good reason for doing so.

We generally allow official material that is Out of Print and (importantly) hard to find. An old VHS release, for instance, that hasn't been officially released on DVD, would generally be accepted. But there are many exceptions to this rule so, if in doubt, check with us first.

DO NOT attach artwork files to posts as this just adds needlessly to the server's diskspace and bandwidth usage. If you must share artwork then create a .torrent file for the files, then upload that by attaching it to a post in the Audio or Video Torrent forums.

DO NOT upload any sort of sexual material, warez or moviez. etc. There are plenty of other sites for such things.

Can I share my fantastic alternative mix of Dark Side of The Moon?

No. Avoid sharing ROIOs that are largely made from official sources. ROIOs that, for example contain 2-3 official tracks out of 30, would be acceptable though. This is not Dime after all.

If in doubt what is and what isn't acceptable, ask me (tjmack).


Named after the (probable) taper of the legendary YEESHKUL recording of the Pink Floyd show at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto in March 1973.

Thoughout the show you can hear him shouting something akin to "YEESHKUL". No one knows exactly what it means. It seems everyone has their own meaning for it.

What is Bit Torrent?

A peer-to-peer file sharing system that enables a group of people to upload a set of files to others while at the same time they download them from another. In short, the workload of sharing the files gets spread out amongst several people , instead most of it relying on one person's internet connection, making better use of bandwidth.

The BitTorrent HeadQuarters gives a good introduction to Bit Torrent. For a more technical description see the Wikipedia entry on Bit Torrent.

What software do I need and how do I start downloading these torrent thingies?

You need to download and install a Bit Torrent client of which there are several. The one I would recommend currently is qBittorrent. It's small, light on resources, easy to use and, is rich in features. It's completely open source and adaware free. It's available on all PC, Mac and NAS platforms.

Your client should have a torrent creation utility. Alternatively, you can use Trader's Little Helper (Windows only) to create a torrent.

Once you've installed a client, navigate to the Audio or Video torrent forums, click on the post you're interested in, scroll down to the bottom of the message, where the torrent attachment is, and then click on it. Your bt client should start automatically and start downloading.

One thing to ensure doing is to look at the 'Seeders' figure. If it's at zero, then it's pretty pointless starting the download, as this means there's no one online with the full set of files, and the torrent has been 'orphaned'. If you find this, have a look at the "more details on torrent" statistics and see who has finished. The most recently finished goes from left to right, so try the person on the left first and ask if they'll come back and seed for you. If that fails then try putting in a reseed request in the forum.

Can I use a seedbox on YEESHUL?

Yes. Just ensure that any .torrent files you download from the YEESHKUL server are uploaded into the BT client on the remote server - whether you're joining an existing torrent or creating your own. All YEESHKUL .torrents must incorporate YOUR unique YEESHKUL passkey into the torrent's tracker announce URL - it's the means by which our server identifies each member.

So what are Good and Bad practices on YEESHKUL!?

GOOD is coming and sharing here in the first place, but BAD is lifting torrents either from here or other trackers without giving full credit to where you got them from.

VERY GOOD is fulfilling seed and reseed requests - much praise and kudos will be heaped upon you if you do.

VERY GOOD is staying on a torrent beyond a ratio of 1, helping out latecomers who've come to the torrent late.

VERY BAD is "grabbing n' running" - i.e. disconnecting as soon as you finish a download. People will stick pins in your voodoo doll - and you might possibily die a horrible death and burn in hell forever

Not so BAD but still a crappy thing to do is leaving a torrent orphaned and others stranded in mid-download - even if you did upload a reasonable amount on the torrent. You'll still die a horrible death, but you might not burn in hell this time.

What are seed points?

Seed points are bonuses awarded for seeding.

The server will award you 0.2 points for every 30mins that it sees you as a seeder on a torrent. Seed points do not rely on the amount that you seed, rather the length of time that you do. And because you can redeem them for 'upload amounts' - see the 'Tracker CP' in the navbar - it's a good way for those with little upload bandwidth to improve their all-important 'ratio'. The ratio is just the result from a basic calculation - its your current upload mount divided by your current download amount - and you should always try to aim to upload more than you download, however impossible that might seem.

Please note - if there's any suspicion of you abusing the seed points system - you will banned.

Am I likely to get myself banned if my share ratio is too low?

Most likely. Although we do not autoban on low ratios, other members will soon notice, and be rest assured, they will speak up, if your stats show you to be an uberleecher - someone who downloads far more than they upload.

The guideline we currently use is: anyone who has downloaded 100GB or more , and has uploaded no more than 20GB (i.e. a ratio of 0.2) is classed as uberleeching and is liable to get themselves banned..

You might be lucky and receive a warning before a ban, but don't rely on this. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR RATIO.

if you find that you're jumping on torrents too late to achieve that ideal ratio of 1, why not create your own torrent to improve your stats?

The biggie - How do I create and upload a torrent suitable for YEESHKUL!?

Moonwall has written a detailed, yet easy to follow guide on how to create a torrent for YEESHKUL in this thread here based around µTorrent and Windows, but is very detailed and should give a clue what to do, no matter the bt client or operating system used.

beeerlover has also provided some simple guidelines with screenshots in this thread here. for Azureus and µTorrent

PLEASE NOTE - WE AUTOMATICALLY MODERATE ALL POSTS FROM THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER POSTED BEFORE OR HAVE POSTED EXTREMELY FEW MESSAGES. So it may take some time before your torrent post gets the OK from the moderators and appears on the site. Once you see it has been approved you can then download your torrent and start seeding. Once you've made thoseX number of posts (a very low number), you'll be free to post torrents without being moderated automatically

I've made a right mess of my torrent post, what do I do?

Anyone can edit or delete their OWN post titles & bodies, but if you find there's something you can't change, contact us.

I'm getting an 'unregistered torrent' error in my BT client for a YEESHKUL torrent.

This thread might help or this one.

Why don't I have access to Private Messages?

Our anti-spam measures in the forums have been successful - so much so spammers started to use the Private Messaging system. Therefore, PM access is denied to anyone who hasn't made X posts in the forums. The exact amount isn't been said to avoid helping out the spammers, but it is the same very low number that gets you past our automated moderation barrier when you make a new post.

Hopefully that's low enough to not unduly penalise genuine members of this site, but enough to put all but the most determined spammers off.

If you feel that you have been unfairly penalised because you haven't made those X number of posts, but would still like access to PMs, you can contact one of the moderators, and then we can take a look at your other user stats.

I'm quite a good coder and I think that I can help to improve YEESHKUL! Would you be interested in my services?

I'm always open to constructive suggestions and helpful assistance, but don't expect any extra priviledges from me. I give full credit where credit's due - no more, no less.

Is YEESHKUL! in any way affiliated to any IRC Channel, DC Hub, other tracker or website?

No. This is quite deliberate on my part because I wanted somewhere all Pink Floyd fans could come and feel at ease without worrying about offending anybody. We will endeavour to be as impartial as possible and not openly condone nor criticise any particular site, channel or hub. But we will defend Yeeshkul interests against other openly competitive sites and trackers.

Moderators will be elected as is when we feel the need for more help, and will be done as democratically as possible. They will be nominated in accordance to their ratings of TOP POSTER, TOP SUBMITTER and TOP SHARER. In other words, those that contribute the most specifically to YEESHKUL will be rewarded.

If you have a website and you want to link to YEESHKUL! then feel free, and it would be appreciated, but don't expect that to be reciprocated.

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