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Thread: Gov't Mule Haloween gig

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    Default Gov't Mule Haloween gig

    Any interest in this? The capture is of stunning quality, performance an 'A'

    Gov't Mule
    Orpheum Theatre
    Boston, MA

    Recorded and transfered by Andy Murray

    ORTF DFC Hung off the mezzanine rail
    Schoeps MK4>KC5>CMC6>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee Mini-me(@24 bit/96 khz, aes out)>COAX>Edirol R-44
    Edirol R-44(WAV)>USB>Soundforge 8.0(tracking, resample/dither to 16 Bit/44.1 khz)>XACT(fix sbe,FLAC 16 bit)

    Disc 1:
    Set 1:

    01 Intro
    02 Brighter Days
    03 Bad Little Doggie
    04 Brand New Angel
    05 Gameface
    06 Trane->
    07 Third Stone From The Sun Jam->
    08 Eternity's Breath Jam->
    09 St. Stephen's Jam->
    10 Monkey Hill
    11 Child Of The Earth
    12 Kinder Bird Jam*->
    13 Kind Of Bird

    Disc 2:
    Set 2:

    01 One Of These Days*->
    02 Fearless*->
    03 Pigs On The Wing Part 2*->
    04 Shine On You Crazy Diamond*$&->
    05 Have A Cigar*&->
    06 Speak To Me*->
    07 Breathe*$->
    08 On The Run*->
    09 Time*->
    10 Great Gig In The Sky*$->

    Disc 3:
    Set 2 cont...

    01 Money*$&->
    02 Comfortably Numb*$->
    03 Shine On You Crazy Diamond Reprise*$&->
    04 Wish You Were Here

    05 A Million Miles From Yesterday$
    06 Blind Man In The Dark&

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    Right then, I'll put it up shortly anyway. This is too good not to be available here. If only one other bloke grabs it, then good!!

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    Default Gov't Mule Haloween gig

    Hey, this was on my 2nd year anniversary! What I nice gift I will see this for awhile:P

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