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    for those of you being introduce to the Boys via this thing we call the internet, welcome. many moons ago, not to single myself out, we traded all pf shows on cassettes (80's-early 90's) and it's really interesting to view what is occurrring from DAT clone transfers and the like these days. think it's great to get these, we had to fight our way to the source back in the day, yes, many written notes and post/physical mail channels to accomplish this. I'd like to thank all those individuals that were on board back then that made more or less this internet thing spawn. if it was not for all those great early tapers, myself included, where would this history be? pf is such a gem to hear and their live material is exponential to that. may the Boys live and be 'live' forever. thank you wes and tony. you know who you are! cnokes

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    Bravo, that!!!!

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    Hello Cnokes,
    Great to hear from you and see your message, thanks for making my day.
    Those times you spoke of were alot of fun, I remember them fondly. There was always excitement looking in the mailbox for a letter or parcel with tapes.Trading by mail was a chore but look where it got us!!
    Of course, you are very welcome!


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