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    I know this has been a number of years, but I thought I would post. I interacted with K_K over on the NPF Forums back when they had a tracker. I had a VHS of the 1994-06-22 HHH Metrodome show in Minneapolis MN. He wanted to transfer it, clean it up and share it. We were in contact and then it became increasingly hard to get a response from him. I found him at Dime, but his responses were far inbetween until I never heard from him. I discovered this thread a few years ago and was saddened to hear of his passing. I never wanted to post here because I didnt want to seem like I was just after my VHS tape and show. (The quality wasnt that good, anyhow) My reason for posting here is that I do want to say I am sorry to hear of his passing and it seems as thought the community has "lost a good one"



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    Lightbulb KoolKat active in 2029 - There is hope for us all!

    Someone is downloading KoolKat Watching TV from me -

    KoolKat lives on as I just checked his account and "last activity" is 03-09-2029 09:21 PM - Doc and Marty must have picked him up on his new travels.

    RIP Dale we will meet in the future

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