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Thread: Roger Waters, "Tripped Out in Cork" HOP008, 29th June 2006, 2 camera mix

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    Talking Roger Waters, "Tripped Out in Cork" HOP008, 29th June 2006, 2 camera mix

    Hop The Pond proudly presents:

    HOP 008 Roger Waters- Tripped Out in Cork.
    Filmed by "The Producer" and his accomplice at the Marquee showground, Cork, Ireland, 29th June 2006.


    Camera 1.(The Producer)
    Filmed from the rear of the venue on a Sony HDR-HC1 HDV PAL camera shot in 1080i High Definition with Sony internal mic.

    Camera 2. (His accomplice)
    Filmed from the floor (approx 3rd row) of the venue on a Sony HDR-HC1 HDV PAL camera shot in 1080i High Definition with a pair of DPA 4063 mics.

    Captured through Vegas 6 via firewire to an M2T file, then converted & rendered to 16:9 NTSC MPEG 2 (CBR 3).
    Slight level adjustment with Cool Edit pro then converted to a 5.1, 48KHz 16 bit AC3 audio file with Vegas 6.
    Menus,editing, conversions all done with Vegas 6, DVD authoring REEL DVD.


    In The Flesh
    Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Have A Cigar
    Wish You Were Here
    Southampton Dock
    The Fletcher Memorial Home
    Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2.
    Leaving Beirut
    Dark Side of the Moon
    The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
    Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2)
    Bring the Boys back Home
    Comfortably Numb.

    Total running time: 236

    Due to there being no media available to play High Def Video at the moment this has been converted for normal DVD viewing in NTSC at 720x 480.

    Ok, This was the 14th show on the current European tour, and what a show it was!! The venue was a circus type marquee tent on a tarmac carpark just on the outskirts of Cork.
    Due to this being in a tent there were no pyrotechnics and a full over head lighting rig was used.
    What also makes this show unique is a power cut half way through (at the explosion in Perfect Sense Pt2) causing the main mixing board and the whole PA to go down. All you hear at that point are the onstage monitors and the crowd finish off by singing the end of the song!! There's a 25 minute break while power is resumed and the mixing board reset then the band come back on and continue with the rest of set 1 and go straight into DSOTM (with Nick Mason!)

    This is a 2 camera mix and respect has to go to my filming accomplice who got caught filming not once but twice and was subsequently removed from the venue half way through Us and Them, hence the last 45 minutes being a single camera, hey that's the chance us filmers take and the sacrifices we make to bring you this stuff!!

    Artwork will follow, please dont make your own and host it, wait for the "official" one

    Hop The Pond

    P.S.The title "Tripped Out in Cork" is a play on words from the power being tripped plus the name of the guy on the mixing board is..... yep, Trip!! get it ?
    P.P.S. Few screen grabs below!
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    Mooner Guest


    Thanks a bunch fellas. Sorry to hear one had to miss the end of the show. Guess he'll be watching this

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    seth01 Guest


    Hop you did it again!

    This sounds like it's an amazing video and the screen captures look wonderful. I can't wait!

    Thank you so very much


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    Deepman Guest


    Amazing, thank you so very much!!

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    heverdot Guest

    Thumbs up Thanx to the seeder & Tapers

    Amazed someone was willing to get thrown out, Huge thanx for the dedication.
    I had to leave a gig once and it is not a good experience ( P. Gabriel )

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    why aint it starting ?
    its in azureus bottom window, says seeding but theres no upload speed and nothings moving!

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    Kudos to all involved in bringing us this fine release..
    Soppose this will have to suffice until the high definition release.....LOL


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    zounds Guest


    Thansk for all the efforts... I was in his Athens concert and i didn't take even one picture, because i wanted to enjoy the show...
    As soon as i get my sharing ratio up, i will try to get this...

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    tordmullet Guest


    Thank you!

    By the look of the screen caps this one is a must

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    man, you guys are incredible, smuggling in a high def camera and then filming the whole show. the screen shot looks better than PULSE dvd. thanks a lot for sharing

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