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Thread: When The Wind Blows (1986) coming on blu-ray (certainly with music isolated)

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    Cool When The Wind Blows (1986) coming on blu-ray (certainly with music isolated)

    a news that perhaps will please Marc-Olivier who (remember the "Music From The Body (without narration) ?)

    When The Wind Blows (1986) will be released on Blu-Ray - Nov 11th

    what is interesting is that Twilight Time systematically release their blu-ray with an extra audio track with score isolated...

    that way I was able to listen to George Delerue's underrated score (and perhaps more moving that what he did record for J-L Godard with Contempt) on "Rapture"
    and heuuu.... "Blue Lagoon" with Brooke Shields... Nestor Almendros (Days Of Heaven, a lot of Truffaut and Rohmer's work, including Barbet Shroeder movies with the Floyd, etc...) has such isolated music track too...

    beware, we are now in a new economic model, so they found a way to limited artificially their releases to 3000 ex only.
    which means you have to be quick.
    it's sold only at

    of course some motherf... will preorder a lot of copies in order to sell it later at 80 euros on ebay...
    (well, Blue Lagoon is now available exactly with the same transfer in Germany, but no isolated score)

    PS: I will update the post with the artwork when it will come out...
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