Thanks, I believe you are absolutely right about the speed. Much appreciate the corrected sound file too

First off, I think it's going at the wrong speed -- about a semitone too fast, which often happens with film > PAL transfers. Here's a quickie correction that also drops the dead channel (attached).

The thing that makes me most strongly suspect it is the Floyd (and I think it is) is the bass. That's a Waters lick we start hearing at about 0:30, isn't it? Can't quite place the song but it sounds familiar.

Post-speed-correction it's some kind of a jam in A, but there are chord changes to E, G and especially D, as well as an edit that throws things off. Maybe an extended version of Arnold Layne?

("Miss Teenage Brighton Contest")
Set list included: Arnold Layne, See Emily Play, Astronomy Dominé, Matilda Mother

02.12.67 The Dome, Brighton, E.Sussex, England
(Two shows at 18:15 and 20:40)
Set list late show: Astronomy Dominé, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Interstellar Overdrive[/QUOTE]