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I've used Cog for the past several years on my MacBook to play old SHN files, but it seems that this program is either decommisioned or no longer compatible with the latest version of OSX. Any recommendations for another program that can play SHN without converting them to WAV first??
The original developer of Cog doesn't seem to have updated it for years. Fortunately, it is open source and there are a couple of forks. I've personally compiled my own copy, but you might have better luck with a version from http://mamburu.net/cog/ (though that one is still from 2013). In any case, I loathe SHN with a passion, so I always convert them to FLAC anyway. No, I never use iTunes as a media player, so the fact that it can't play FLAC (or SHN for that matter) doesn't bother me.