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It's 2018 now! It represents very poor bang for buck. I ruled it out on those grounds when I was buying a new Mac a couple of years ago. Also, if I recall correctly some people were disappointed with the expansion options back in 2013, and again that technology has changed a lot since then.

I personally think the new multi-core Mac Minis look promising, but that's from a software development point of view rather than a heavy-duty media content creation point of view. And I've been really frustrated by how Macs handle video these days. Half the time they refuse to wake up all the monitors. Because modern video connections have smarts at both ends, there are now too many ways for things to fail. Dunno what the state of play is like on other platforms. Linux used to be pretty dreadful at video, TBH (mainly due to ideological opposition to closed source video drivers).
As for that 2012 model 'cylinder' Mac Pro...
Pros: It had thunderbolt. So if you decided to go with thunderbolt connecting accessories because you wanted to pay 3 times as much for the same equipment and performance, you're good here.

Cons: Not upgradable anything. No drive bays. You can actually upgrade the CPUs in the 2009/2010 'real' Mac Pro models to 4.something GHz 6 core (for a total 12 core machine) and it will run rings around the cylinder model.