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Thread: Pink floyd the early years 1965-1972

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    You are all kidding yourselves. There is nothing like a grainy video of Syd singing Jugband blues because that was the way it was recorded. And plus the fact that there are Cassettes out there containing this material. I would rather hear Syd singing on a bootleg than to listen to a Digitized remix. Where has bootlegging got to? I have tons of all these tracks that I uploaded on Y.

    Hoarder? Check my uploads.

    Troll? Who are you? If you were all around when Y started, BEFORE 2006, you would know who I am.

    Digitized remixes are crap. Give me an old fashioned Tape and compare the differences. Raw vs Digital. I downloaded the footage with Zappa from a Hub years ago and still have it.

    If you all want to attack me for saying this, go ahead. But every single track in this stupid collection is a finger to the real fans who released their recordings.

    BTW. David is a blow in. Syd started the band and made them famous. Who is making the money from these digital releases?
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