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Thread: Rip and convert DVD and Blu-ray

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimfisheye View Post
    Everyone started using their computers for music servers 10 - 15 years ago. You almost have to go out of your way to stubbornly avoid it now.
    That does NOT mean that "everyone" has the means to play high resolution audio through their computers. Most audio cards on PCs are roughly the equivalent of an iPod (i.e., not even good enough to play CDs accurately). Like it or not, the least common denominator is the humble DVD player, slowly being replaced by "smart" Blu-Ray players with streaming capabilities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe59 View Post
    I'm on Windows so I used DVD Audio Extractor to rip the DVD-A discs.
    For Blu-rays I used Make MKV and AudioMuxer.

    Easy peasy!
    Thank you for this advice. I like to hear the separate channels from 5.1 or Quad to hear the hidden stuff expecially the keyboards (in fact in the Immersion box sets, the original quad mixes are much more revealing).

    When I heard about the hidden Meddle Quad on the Early Years Blu-ray I bought an LG Bluray drive for my studio PC only to find that DVD Audio Extractor has a conflict with it. Hopefully when the separate parts of the Early Years set become available I will be able to extract the Quad files using your method!

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    If anyone's looking for a free DVD-A ripping program there is DVD Audio Explorer. It hasn't been updated since 2008 but runs fine on my Windows 10 systems.

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    Default Share my Blu-ray ripping software on Mac for Fire TV

    I was hoping to rip 3D movies and convert to a file I could play on my TV as I have an Amazon Fire TV and a Roku 3. I used the "Duck Duck Go" search engine and I simply searched for “Blu-ray ripping software for Mac” and just found Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. So far so good!

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    This is a happy tour for me to read on your post. As for me I like to convert iTunes videos from M4V to MP4 format with Tuneskit DRM Media Converter. Since all iTunes movies/TV shows are in M4V which DRM protected, making it impossible to be played on Apple devices. Now we can use a DRM removal tool to remove DRM protection and convert to mp4 format at faster speed with lossless quality. After conversion, you will be able to enjoy these videos on any devices without limitation. Hope this tip is useful to you.

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