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Thread: amazon drive unlimited (and the like...)

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    Why not use MEGA? You get 50gb free and it's pretty damn secure.
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    Is this where I'm supposed to say something clever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffalofloyd View Post
    Why not use MEGA? You get 50gb free and it's pretty damn secure.
    seems to only go up to 4TB and i believe the 4TB price to be more then the 70$ annually for unlimited at amz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pottel View Post
    as far as i understand, 6$ for a basic account, per month, so 72$ per year
    as far as i understand, the basic account does not allow for sharing files with anyone. next step up, 10$ a month allows for that.
    it DOES allow for streaming your content (AMZC does not)
    am not sure about the unlimited bit, it says:
    Unlimited online backup
    Backup your whole PC or Mac, no matter how many files you've got. --> for the basic account.
    but then, comparing the three versions (basic, briefcase and pro) it reads (for basic)
    Your personal cloud storage space
    Store whatever you want on your Briefcase. Files don't need to be on your computers, and can be kept just in your cloud storage. Add extra space for just €6.00 per TB. --> it has a red cross for basic, and a check for the two more expensive accounts.

    not really convinced. unless someone can proof me wrong.
    Thanks Pottel!

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