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I may be in the minority and/or committing treason by saying this, but I don't really know much about Floyd before Wish You Were Here. Can't even say I really like Dark Side of the Moon too much. So, I want to get acquainted with some of the earlier stuff. I kinda, sorta like Set The Controls, and I was looking through some setlists from late '71 and I think I want to try this stuff out.

What's the best show to get from that period? I gotta start with something clean and audible before I go for the "recorder in the pocket"-sounding stuff, so does anyone have any suggestions? Hopefully it's something still on the tracker, but even if it isn't I can check out other sources for it.

Much appreciated!

Washington (1971-11-16) has an amazing "One Of These Days" ... well worth the trip!
Here is a 24/96 transfer:- http://yeeshkul.com/forum/showthread...HG-tapes-24-96

BTW, Boblingen '72 is amazing too...