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Thread: Low upload ratio? For 50GB donation please post here for one week only

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarchingHammers View Post
    There's nothing complicated about the seeding system. Simply put...the more torrents you are currently seeding, the more seed points you are awarded. I believe it's 0.2 seed points per torrent every hour. So if you have five torrents seeding you will be awarded 1 seed point after an hour. You can do the math from there. Although the strain on your bandwidth might not be too pleasant if you are using your bandwidth for other things such as Youtube binging, gaming and so on, you can always adjust your upload settings per torrent in your bittorrent client of choice. Some even have schedules to do that for you if you set it up correctly.

    For those having trouble finding the menu, here's a pic on the main page on how to access the link via menu.

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    Just an idea but maybe some auto notification could be implemented to notify users that their seed points are piling up and should be redeemed, especially those with low ratios. I'm no programmer but I don't think it'd be too difficult to set up.

    I'm not stopping you.

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    Last day offer ending soon everyone in the thread who asked has been credited

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    Quote Originally Posted by snagu View Post
    The gist of it is that you get rewarded (with seed points) just for keeping torrents seeded, even if no one is leeching from you. I think it's a very generous system, and I'm not on any other tracker that has such a system. But I imagine it's a way of encouraging people, even those who have poor upload speeds, to keep seeding as opposed to just leeching and running. I guess it's also a way for those who live in countries with crappy broadband infrastructure keep up with the americans, who often have insane upload speeds and thus can easily maintain a healthy ratio in the day or so after a torrent first appears. So, thanks to TJ for this system here.
    i completely agree with you!
    all these ratio rules originate from a time when internet connections were slow for everybody and so it NEEDED everybody to keep torrents running.

    these days some people have ridiculously fast upload speeds and people with still slow connections have hardly a chance to maintain their ratios, unless they jump on a torrent right at the start if they're lucky.

    the seedpoint solution that Y! offers is by far the best solution i have come across the tracker world yet.

    so yeah, thanks TJ, a very considerate move!

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