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Thread: Nick Sedgwick "in the Pink"

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    Roger's timeline recollections are not all they should be: in his introductory piece on the first page, he comments on how their UK Autumn 1974 Tour was before the release of TDSOTM.

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    I forgot to mention in my previous reply regarding this book, I never messed around with Roger's "Several Species.." from Ummagumma (as far as slowing it down 50% to hear more clearly some of the sped up voices), so the bit at the end about "being avantgarde" escaped me all this time. It's also just plain interesting to hear much of this at half speed. So for a fan to tell that to Roger in the mid 70's was very astute indeed. He either had a record player that could play at 16rpm or he did some other form of record/tape manipulation to glean that. Was it someone on this board? Hats off to whoever it was. Of course we all were all over the secret messages on The Wall, manually spinning the record backwards for the "Old Pink" bit back in 1979-1980, another task that would take seconds today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Journey Man View Post
    My copy just arrived, which I ordered from the Roger Waters store prior to it being available from the V&A online store. Because it was shipped from the U.S. to the U.K. it occurred a 5.40 customs charge along with an 8 Royal Mail handling charge. So all in all an expensive purchase.
    Here in Belgium as well, I bought the book in the USA, had to pay the outrageous shipping fee and was then asked to pay import duties (peanuts) plus a very hefty 'administration' fee from the friends at DHL. **** All That, Roger Waters, for not having a European webshop like his previous band or David Gilmour.

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